Convey the right message to the
right person in your organization

Some publications with Publish88®

We offer superior technology to send newsletters, notifications, posts on social media and e-mails to your associates and clients through multiple digital channels with Publish88®.

Te ofrecemos la mejor tecnología para enviar comunicados a tus colaboradores, clientes o proveedores a través de multiples canales digitales con Publish88®.

Corporate Publishing.

Send newsletters, messages, publications and
notifications to your associates from your company,
as well as to your suppliers and clients.
With News2Page, our Content Delivery Engine (CDE),
delivering your messages in tablets,
smart phones, computers and print outs
easily done from your computer.

Verify your messages.

Ensures the delivery and reading of your message to your associates and improve the organization of your company.

Segmenta y verifica tus mensajes.
Mide la eficiencia de tu App.

Measure your App’s efficiency.

With Google Analytics® measure how long a user spends on your publication, how many times it gets reread, what the most popular pages from your publication are, and more.