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Some publications with Publish88®

We offer the easiest and fastest way to produce, distribute and profit from digital editions for smartphones and computers.

Publica tus ediciones en Android, IOS y Web.

Publish your editions in Android, iOS and web.

9 out of 10 internet users
take their smartphones and tables everywhere. Give them your editions through your own App for Google Play® and App Store® or through an addition from your website.

Create interactive digital editions.

Would you like your readers to be able to locate the furniture store location in Google Maps® that is displayed in your publications? Or What about exhibiting that new chair from your collection in 360 º? And all this built into the editorial design of your edition.

Crea ediciones digitales interactivas.
Gana más con tus ediciones.

Profit more from your editions

Obtain additional income from your editions with multiple advertising spaces within your App and by selling subscriptions or individual copies of your digital edition.

Measure your App’s efficiency

With Google Analytics® measure how long a user spends on your publication,how many times it gets reread, what the most popular pages from your publication are, and more.

Mide la eficiencia de tu App.